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F3 Solutions is a reliable partner for you who helps starting up your business. We are advisory and accounting company based in Tallinn, Estonia.

F3 Solutions offers to companies a wide range of services such as accounting, selling of ready-made companies and establishing new companies in Estonia, different advisory services such as legal consultation in the field of accounting and taxation, consulting on financing and support projects, start-up and development grants, and also professional translation of your Company’s financial statements.

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We help you to find the smartest and finest solutions for starting up a successful business in Estonia


We are able to provide you professional accounting services


Our advisory service helps you in the fields of consulting on support projects and financing, banking, legal and other relevant questions connected to your business



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Head of Startup department - +372 58866030

Head of Accounting department - +372 57777751

Head of Advisory department - +372 55699276